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  • Sourcing of Standard and eco-friendly fabrics

  • Ready made garments like women, man, kids and baby textile products

  • Producing of customers collections

  • Manage all the transportation operations

  • Conducting and reporting textile market anayses in Turkey

At Moon Trade Inc., we’re your premier destination for top-quality textile products. Our expert team meticulously sources the finest fabrics globally to ensure superior quality in every item we craft. With a commitment to excellence, we blend expert craftsmanship and innovative technology to produce textiles that exceed expectations. From sourcing to production, our rigorous standards guarantee unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction. Explore our range today!

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to meet high-quality sustainable products with people by reasonable prices


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Best solutions

Handmade and Eco-Friendly Textiles for Pets

Petitto has born with the idea as being ecological and fashioned products for your friends by not producing with machineries.

We are keeping the planet not only using sustainable materials but also keeping away from all types of machineries. By means of that philosophy, we want to be a pioneer of the industry which care the planet with all aspect of the production.

Frequently asked questions

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How do you supply fabrics for your customers?2023-04-23T12:39:44+01:00

We set a series of meetings with our customers to understand their needs and expectations. Then, we contacted our qualified suppliers to get the true price,  the products, and the set delivery options. We prepare our quotes that fit with customers’ expectations. We can supply conventional and eco-friendly fabrics with the different amounts.

Can you operate the logistics services for your customers?2023-04-23T12:24:54+01:00

Yes we can shape all logistics services for our customers depending on their needs without any MOQ limitations.

Can our customers order for any ready-made garments like women, man, kids or babies textile products?2023-04-23T12:36:37+01:00

We also have services for our customers to supply any textile products like pants, shirts, shirts, skirts, underwear, blouses, etc. independent of MOQ. We have very selective producers and wholesalers that have high-quality and trendy collections.

Can we produce any free label textile products for the customers ?2023-04-23T12:44:56+01:00

yes. We can also support the production of our customers’ products with their own brand in line with their required specifications. We have CMT ( Cut-Make-Trim ) service level for our customers.

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